It’s PEANUT BUTTER jelly time!

YUM! Peanut butter! It seems like everyone has a jar of peanut butter in their pantry. I literally can eat it by the spoonful out of the jar! Who knew that making peanut butter was so easy and you might just have all the ingredients in your house!

Peanutbutter6So first, you get your roasted peanuts (from the grocery store or local farmer’s market). Yum, I love the smell of roasted peanuts, take a good whiff!


Now is the part that takes the longest time…. peeling all of those suckers. But, if you have old enough kids…. they should be able to help!


Now put the peanuts in a blender, add your honey, oil, and salt, then blend blend blend until it reaches the consistency that you and your family like!


YUMMMM! SO EASY AND DELICIOUS! BEWARE: It may be eaten in a DAY, it is THAT yummy!


And now it’s PEANUT BUTTER jelly time! Jelly recipe to come soon 🙂


-3 cups roasted peanuts- unshelled
-2 Tablespoons Honey
-2 Tablespoons vegetable oil (any oil except for olive)
-1.5 Teaspoonful salt
Mix all ingredients in the blender until you have a consistency that you like. Add more ingredients such as honey and salt to your liking.

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